Voluntary Benefits Increase In Popularity
“…new sales of voluntary benefits rose to $6.6 billion in 2013, up 4.3 percent from the previous year and 60 percent from a decade ago.”

Boston Globe, September 2014


Employees want greater choice in their benefit packages, though employers do not appear to fully recognize this growing interest.

Voluntary Mandate, September 2012

How to pick a disability insurance plan

Disability insurance isn’t on the radar for most Americans, but many workers may come to rue that lack of awareness.

WSJ Market Watch, May 2012

10th Anniversary Edition of MetLife’s Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trend

“Financial Anxiety and Income Protection: The Study shows that not only are employees concerned about everyday financial issues, they are also deeply concerned about unforeseen life events such as premature death or being unable to work due to injury or illness. They worry about how they will cope with the effects of this on their household income.”

MetLife, 2012


Disability Insurance Benefits Are Dwindling

“No one likes to think about the possibility of becoming disabled and unable to work — and for the most part, employers have made it easy to ignore, picking up the tab for disability insurance so workers don’t have to. But now that companies are cutting back on the coverage, a growing number of workers will face new risks and new expenses.”

By Annamaria Andriotis
Smart Money, June 2011

2011 Long-Term Disability Claims Review

“Since 2005, the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) has conducted a proprietary annual review of long-term disability claims among the U.S. working population. The 2011 CDA Long-Term Disability Claims Review summarizes quantitative and qualitative long-term disability insurance claims data from 2010 gathered from the annual CDA member Long-Term Disability Claims Survey. The report identifies continuing or emerging trends for the purposes of education, evaluation and use by interested audiences. Also included is selected worker disability data from the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Fourteen CDA member companies, representing roughly 75% of the commercial disability insurance marketplace, participated in the 2011 survey.”

Council for Disability Awareness (CDA), 2011

Special Report: Benefits “Supplemental Security”

“The most popular voluntary benefits today – especially at organizations where the average employee paycheck is far less than what Draper’s [Draper Laboratory, a nonprofit science-and-technology firm based in Cambridge, Mass.] workers earn – are those pertaining to financial security.”

By Andrew R. McIlvaine
Human Resource Executive, May 2010
Pages 40-44

Customizing insurance plan is critical

“One size does not fit all when it comes to some insurance solutions. Employers and employees need to understand what types of coverage they own, why that particular insurance solution is right for them, and whether it has real value for them.”

By Jim Mooradian and Bryan Lambert
IndUS Business Journal, October, 2010

Disability Insurance: Protecting the American Dream

“…voluntary programs are becoming increasingly more popular in the marketplace because they give employers the ability to offer more products to their employees on a competitive and streamlined basis, typically at no cost to the employer.”

By Russ Banham
The Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2010
(1.2Mb PDF file)

Insurance Solutions: Why Customizing is Crucial

“…voluntary programs are becoming increasingly more popular in the marketplace because they give employers the ability to offer more products to their employees on a competitive and streamlined basis, typically at no cost to the employer.”

By Jim Mooradian
NEHRA, April 2010
(112kb PDF file)

Jim Mooradian and Associates, Inc. is One of the Hottest Players Nationally in the Booming Voluntary Employee Benefits Arena

“Because it has great expertise in a well-defined niche, his firm has a national presence despite its small size – just three professionals and an office manager.”

By Henry Stimpson, Stimpson Communications, April 1, 2010

Long-term Care versus Disability Insurance: Which is Right for You?

“As a benefits manager, you can help employees understand why this isn’t necessarily an either-or question, and provide them with objective information about when and why LTC and disability insurance policies areappropriate for a person’s particularcircumstances.”

By Jim Mooradian and Chris Allen
Employee Benefit Plan Review, February, 2010

Is self-insurance the right short-term disability choice for your company?

“Within the last decade, it has become popular to self-insure this benefit rather than purchase insurance through a carrier, but employers have not analyzed these costs in many years. After medical benefits, however, short-term disability costs can be one of the bigger items on the table.”

By Sharon Asperschlager
Boston Herald, February 1, 2010

How Voluntary Benefits Can Help Manufacturers Control Costs

“The quality of communication determines how your employees feel about their benefits package. Data show that if you are effective at communicating the message – even if your plan is not as comprehensive as that of a comparable employer – employee satisfaction goes up. Conversely, the best benefit package in the world can be an enrollment dud if it’s not communicated well.”

By Jim Mooradian and Bryan Lambert
Industry Week, January 6, 2010

New Trends in Benefits and Coverage: Why Voluntary Benefits Are More Relevant than Ever

“In today’s changing financial landscape, many companies are finding creative ways to approach the benefits offered to their employees. While many businesses are laying off workers and freezing salaries in an effort to control costs, they also are critically evaluating employee benefits. This article offers an introduction to why and how your company may want to offer voluntary benefits, plus tips for selecting the right VBs to offer your employees.”

By Jim Mooradian and Bryan Lambert

Disability Coverage Done Right: Foundation of Financial Planning

“The cornerstone of any sound financial plan is the protection of your income. What if your ability to earn an income was compromised due to a disability? What happens to your financial plan then?”

By Jim Mooradian
Employee Benefit News
July 2009
(382kb PDF file)

Broker issues rosy forecast into next year

“A fresh reminder about the role of voluntary benefits to fill coverage gaps within the larger context of job security and serve as a cost-containment tool for employers comes courtesy of a veteran broker seeking to spread this awareness among prospective clients.”

Editorial Staff
Employee Benefit News Online
June 2009
(230kb PDF file)

Why This, Why That? A Primer for Educating Your Employees (and Yourself) About Insurance Needs

“[Setting up voluntary benefits] are the areas where your employees are at the most risk and where you, as the employer, can help them the most. Let employees do their own shopping for pet insurance or reduced cable television rates, and concentrate on setting up your company’s benefit plan to help them lower their exposure to life’s most serious risks.”

By Jim Mooradian, Chris Allen and Bryan Lambert
Employee Benefit Plan Review
April 2009
(720kb PDF file)

Health Care Costs Too High? Voluntary Benefits Can Help

“VBs are a low-cost way to have a big impact on the lives, finances and well-being of your employees if they get sick or hurt. Properly communicated, and with minimal set-up and ongoing claims administration, a voluntary benefit program can be a win-win for your employees and your company.”

By Jim Mooradian and Bryan Lambert
IndUS Business Journal
February 2009
(352kb PDF file)

Benefits communication: Is it working?

“All companies communicate about their benefits options, but few take actionable steps to measure the effectiveness of their communications.”

By Lin Grensing-Pophal
SHRM Online
January 2009
(47kb PDF file)

Do Your Employees Understand Your Company’s Disability Plan? Do You?

“No matter what type of employee you represent, make sure you have addressed the areas outlined above to ensure that your plan provides the benefit in the manner you desire. There are many things to consider, and claim time is the wrong time to figure them out.”

By Jim Mooradian and Chris Allen
Employee Benefit Plan Review
Volume 63, Number 7, January 2009, pages 11–12
(47kb PDF file)

The Pros and Cons of Voluntary Benefits

“Voluntary benefits can be a relatively low-cost way for employers to increase their benefits offerings for employees. Employers interested in voluntary benefits should carefully consider their objectives, solicit employee feedback and work with existing and specialty vendors to determine if specific solutions are right for their organizations.”

By Maureen Minehan
HR Wire, November 2008
(433kb PDF file)

Pointers for Finding Long Term Disability Coverage

“Of the different things we consider insuring in life, insuring our income may be one of the most important when an illness or injury occurs.”

By Linda J. Lerner
The Boston Globe – JOB DOC November 2, 2008
(785kb PDF file)

Can the Risks be Addressed?

“85% of American adults over the age of 18 cite the rising cost of health care as a pressing concern. It’s no wonder people are worried, they see the threat to be increasing, and there seems to be no clear solution in sight.”

By Jim Mooradian
(357kb PDF file)