Our Services

Supplemental Disability Insurance Programs help fill the gaps in company-sponsored coverage. SDIP allows you to connect your employees with the opportunity to buy the coverage they need to protect themselves and their families. Your employees get access to important coverage at discounted rates. You get the peace of mind of knowing you have offered access to coverage and the morale boost that comes with employees knowing the company has helped them are protect themselves.

At Jim Mooradian and Associates:

  • We put in place Supplemental Disability Insurance Programs that increase income replacement ratios, taking every form of compensation into consideration.
  • We connect your employees with coverage that is affordable and portable.
  • We create customized solutions that fit the needs of your company and your  employees.
  • We provide all communication and education related to your SDIP — from initial outreach through final enrollment; there are no time or material costs for your HR department.

Our  services include:

  • Expert Account Management: We have been designing, implementing and administering Supplemental Disability Insurance Programs since 1980. We are here not only to educate you about the plan, but to assist with policy service and claims execution.
  • Custom SDIP Design and Implementation: We create a plan specific to the needs of your company and employees. We consider factors such as the design of the core group disability benefit, taxability and types of earnings covered. We find the right carrier and product and negotiate on your employees’ behalf.
  • Communication, Education and Enrollment: We create a customized strategy — typically including print and electronic communications and education/enrollment sessions — to help your employees understand what their existing plan does and does not cover; establishes the value of your SDIP; and achieve good participation.