Supplemental Disability Insurance Programs

A few things you and your employees should know about disability coverage:

  • Americans are much more likely to experience disability than they realize.
  • Most company-sponsored plans only replace 60% of salary.
  • Most company-sponsored plans don’t replace any part of commissions or bonuses.
  • Many plans have maximum benefits that are low relative to lost earnings.
  • For all of these reasons, your valued employees and their families are exposed to potentially devastating consequences if an employee becomes sick or gets hurt and is out of work for a long period.

Your employees’ biggest asset is their ability to earn a paycheck. Losing that ability can have serious consequences. Becoming seriously sick or badly hurt already carries the prospect of spiraling medical costs. With or without those costs, a significant, long-term loss of income can lead to severe financial strain, bankruptcy and foreclosure. Major income loss can be devastating for individuals and families.

As an employer or HR professional, you’re in position to help employees avoid those consequences. And you can do it without incurring costs for the company or adding to your already full workload.

That’s the value of working with Jim Mooradian and Associates to offer a Supplemental Disability Insurance Program [SDIP].